You, Me, And The Universe

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Month: March, 2015


P1060746I saw this sign in Singapore and I still wonder a) why anyone would do this,  and b) really…why would anyone do this? lol.. I think it’s interesting how stepping on the seat has become enough of a problem to put a sign up.



 2013-05-13 02.10.10This  is Maui. Obviously beautiful. But is there anything more beautiful than seeing my mom smile? Anything more beautiful than instilling optimism, not just in another person, but in ourselves?

Is there anything more beautiful than someone saying “hello” to us as we pass by, never to see that part of nature again?  Or more amazing than showing acceptance for someone whose beliefs are not parallel with own own? Anything more meaningful than acting reasonably and purposefully when we are tempted to resign? How bout is there anything more satisfying than a complete indifference to towards all things that are not in our control?

Everything is beautiful if I’m capable of seeing it as so. This mind-set will not be given to me, though. It requires self-discipline.

Exploring Maui

2013-05-16 07.52.54

All of these photos are unedited– I still can’t believe how beautifully the sun lit up the sky and our surroundings. Nature is amazing.

2013-05-13 01.20.20

2013-05-16 07.49.00

2013-05-14 00.35.33

2013-05-15 08.31.26

2013-05-14 05.52.08

2013-05-18 07.39.24

An Icy Chicago


I took this photo with frozen, shivering hands. But I remember feeling so warm and excited, internally– in complete awe of how much power I have over my life and over my experiences.